mardi 15 janvier 2013

Black and White dress - 1967

The well-dressed shirt ... a strictly cut dress individualized by crisp cuffs and a ruffled jabot . Yves Saint Laurent . 1967 .

black white dress jabot yves saint laurent 1967 60s 1960

The triple-tier dress ... broad bands of fabric intersecting to form a lean, pocketed shift-shape . Christian Dior . 1967 .

Christian Dior . 1967 . black white dress 60s 1960

The contempory pyramid... a stiff cone of skirt expending from a chevroned, baby buttoned bodice . Jeanne Lanvin . 1967

black white dress  jeanne lanvin 1967 60s 1960 geometric

The bi-colour jacket dress , here , dramatized by the brillant touch of a light on dark. The dress is body-skimming and lets the upstanding neckline of its contrast yoke peer over the edge of the jacket . Belinda Bellville . 1967

Belinda Bellville . 1967 black white jacket dress 1960 60s

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