dimanche 13 janvier 2013

Autumn 1967 Dior , Lanvin, Fabiani , Cardin, Givenchy

An elegant statement of shape and flare marvellously expressed with a high , pointed collar and square-cut armholes ... This silhouette hugs the body , then widens below the waisline to a lively whirl of skirt . Pierre Cardin .1967 .

1967 pink dress 60s Pierre Cardin 1960

The truest tent coat widens from a pointed collar, the borrows the shirt characteristics of a tab closing and buttoned cuffs . Christian Dior . 1967

1967 tent coat Christian Dior 60s 1960

The belt is established as a fashion point ... here settled at a high level on the well-bred dress . Fabiani .1967.

Fabiani 1967 yellow dress 60s 1960 mod

The belt is evident ... this time at a low level . The softness that comes from easy belting is the message of this uncontrived dress . It is simply perfect from the slit neckline to the slightly widened hemline . Givenchy . 1967

Givenchy 1967 60s 1960 dress mod

A masterfully seamed duet... the nimble , jacket buttons at the neck and stops short above a bi-colour skimmer, casually belted at a low level . Jeanne Lanvin.1967

pink skirt suit 1967 Jeanne Lanvin 1960 60s mod

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  1. quest ce que çà devait etre bien cette époque , je trouve que cest mieux que maintenant ! Franchement !



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