lundi 22 juillet 2013

Liebster Award

Thanks to Cat ( Sewing the 60s ) for this liebster award !

The rules :

     -  tell 11 things about you
     -  answer to the 11 questions of your nominator
     -  nominate 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award and who have a less than 200 followers
     -  create a new list of 11 questions for the blogger to answer .

So first , 11 things about me :

1. Almost all stuff at my home comes from yard sales ...  , my kitchen and my living room are 50s style , the dining room and the bedroom are 60s ... but i hate the fake today's 60's style ( and it's not snobbery ) .

2. When i was young , i wanted to get married to a baker so i could eat chocolate croissant whenever i want.

3. I like Lefort Openo ,  two french graphic designers who started in the 50s .( )

4. I couldn't live without music : Soul ( the exciters : movin too slow ) ,  Glam Rock ( Iron virgin : rebels rule) ,  Punk Rock ( Vibrators : whips and furs , ) , Power Pop ( the chords : maybe tomorow) ...


and of course 60's sound :
 For Cat who asked this question and who is more into 60s music , this is my top 6 for 60s :
      - The Eyes : I'm Rowed Out
      - The Remains : Don't look back
      - The Unrelated Segments : It's Gonna Rain
      - The Yardbirds : Evil Hearted You
      - The Brogues : I Ain't No Miracle Worker
      - The Seeds : Can't seem to make you mine  

5. I love sun-dried tomatoes and basil ,I love  korean movie, i like to take a big breakfast and then to go back to bed  , windows open and with birds singing . .. very snow white spirit ;) . I change often my hair color , for the moment i 'm a light golden copper blond .
Ok , Ok , i cheat : 8 things about me in 1 !!! Sorry , I wouldn't do it again .


6. My favorite great fashion designers are Louis Feraud and Jean patou  .

7. I would really  like to draw well but i didn't make any progress since ... my first year of primary school.

8. I have played bass for around 15 years but stopped during both my pregnancies so not much progress there! .

 9. I used extensions of formica table to pin my brooches .

 10. The first craftwork (sew / knit) i remember that i've done is a canary yellow knitted tie i made for my dad  ... kids are cruel !

 11.  Worms terrify me ( F.T.W (FUCK THE WORM) is a private joke between a friend and I )


11b. I 'm a giuda fan (

I had corrected my text by Vanessa  to check the spelling and grammar ... so thanks again Vanessa
... Now i just hope there is no more than 10 mistakes in those two sentences !!! 

Now , answer to Cat's questions :


1. What is the most played song on your MP3 player/ iTunes or if you prefer tangible music what was the first record/tape/CD you wore out and had to buy again ?
 - "because you're young" from Cock Sparrer !

2. What was your first job and did you enjoy it?
- I input telegrams  for car insurance and  condolences ...  , i enjoy it coz it was my first experience in the world of work , and of course the beginning of my independence .


3. Do you have a collection and what is it of ?
- Do shoes , bags , brooches , badges and  records count ?  ...and now those strange green plush toys .

4. What is your default "too lazy to cook" meal?
- Salted buttered slice of bread ( salted butter is a typical things from my native county : Brittany )


5. What is your favourite thing to wear that you always feel fantastic in?
- Bright coloured tights , 60s mini dress , patent flats , bag coordinated with shoes (or tights  or dress )  ...
( Charles Jourdan - 1967 )

6. Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring?
- Spring in automn  and winter in summer.

7. What is your favourite moment in history? i.e VE Day etc...
- I was 9 years old at the beginning of the Iran Irak war and 17 years old at the end  . It's not my favourite moment in history but it had a  impact on my youth , even if those countries are  far from France.

8. If you had another blog, what would it be about?
- I have another blog ,mainly about Punk Rock and Power Pop . ( )

9. If you had to pick only one, would you prefer The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?
- Argh , The Kinks .


10. What is your favorite step when sewing a garment? Or if you don't sew, what is your favorite feature on a garment that always catches your eye?
- I like the last step : hem !  I like necktie collar  for sweaters and dresses but I never try to sew it . I love contrast stitches !

11. What was your most favourite holiday that you have taken?
- Camping in the wild with friends on a old  blockhouse in Hyeres peninsula . No tourist , sea view, a small bay with pebble making the beach only for us ... The fourth day , Police had awakened us : we were on a private military land !

I won't do the two last rules because i came too late in this chain but these are some blogs i like ( Sorry , there are so many blogs i like , i can't edit all . ) .

- As tu déjà oublié : Tony , friends and a very little bit me run this blog about modern architecture , 1950 to 1970 .
- Le strict maximum : good friends with good tastes ( our yard sales 's rivals ;)  ) .
- Crazee kids sound : glam rock and more 1971 - 1976 ( wake up Tony ! ) .
- Hoje Há Punk Rock no Liceu : Punk rock rules !
- Killed by death : Punk, Hardcore, Powerpop, Mod .
- Motorparade blog  : Marcel runs this blog , incredible archives of moped and motorcycle related graphic design and  printed matters.
- Chiaki creates :  refreshing .
- On verra bien demain matin : children 's books , write by Amélie .
- My Vintage Avenue : 50 and 60's illustrations .
- Chema Skandal ! :  graphic artist's
- Jhalal Drut  :  exploitation movies , comics ...
- The Carnabian Army : made by Lucy the 1960's lovin'
- Sewing the 60's :   Cat combine sew and 60's fashion

4 commentaires:

  1. Hey!
    Merci de citer le blog et pour ce gentil compliment :)
    J'aime bien le principe de l'article. Il me fait penser aux "chaînes" que l'on recevait par courrier avant!

    1. ouh terrible , les chaines qui portaient malheur si tu ne les suivais pas ... mais qui te permettais de devenir milliardaire dans le cas contraire ( t'as vu où j'en suis maintenant , à ton avis quel chemin ai-je suivi à l' époque ;) ) !
      En tout cas , tout ce qui est écrit dans l'article a été préalablement approuvé par ... ma conscience ! ( pas de commentaire stp ).

  2. Thank you for accepting the award! I love your answer that you wanted to be a bakers wife so you could eat chocolate croissants anytime. that is such a good reason! I love you GIF of your dresses too. Wonderful!

    1. thanks a lot Cat . I didn't know the Liebster Awards before you gave me one , it's a good way to know a little more about people .



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